Jazz boast potential to persist

January 9, 2012

Reading Time: 2 minutes The unsung note of potential is the failure to produce results now. In a very much “what have you done for me lately” society, the Jazz trump hope for the future, and lack in the now.   The food storage is packed, but the fridge is near empty. However, this season isn’t as bleak as […]

NBA’s fall-out has everyone feeling empty

November 21, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Christmas hopes of candy canes and tinsel are still intact, but basketball fans are left with the sad reality that the NBA will not be part of the holiday season. No LeBron dunks, Kobe closing heroics, nor the first impressions of rookies Jimmer Fredette or Enes Kanter in an NBA uniform.   The league […]

Operation Upgrade: athletic facilities in line for improvements

July 18, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Renovations are in place to upgrade UVU’s athletic facilities this coming year and in years to come. The future is optimistic for UVU athletics, and these upgrades are part of the transition. “We’ve had plans forever, and we continue to have plans for sure,” said the Director of Athletics Mike Jacobsen. Planned renovations include more […]

Kanter and Burks to Jazz, no Jimmer

June 24, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jimmermania in Utah has officially been downsized from every day to a couple times a year.  BYU fans are depressed, Ute fans most likely happy or undecided, and the Jazz brass can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Phew, it’s over! The most intriguing and most important draft in Utah Jazz history didn’t come without […]

Utah Jazz: options abound as draft approaches

June 22, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s nothing better than having options. Kevin O’Connor of the Utah Jazz wouldn’t agree more. But with that territory comes crossroads. As the NBA draft looms, college and international players alike look forward to finding out where they’ll be living the next couple years, and how soon they are picked will have a lot to […]