Jazz boast potential to persist

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The unsung note of potential is the failure to produce results now. In a very much “what have you done for me lately” society, the Jazz trump hope for the future, and lack in the now.


The food storage is packed, but the fridge is near empty. However, this season isn’t as bleak as fans may think. Starting off 3-3 isn’t bad, in fact, promising.


Sure there isn’t an All-star on the roster or a team captain for that matter, but the youth movement for the Jazz could sport both in the coming years. Brighter skies and greener pastures could very well lie ahead, once the storm passes. This much is clear, the Jazz have potential.


The upside of this team in large part will be contingent upon the player’s development now, which puts the weight of the world on the coaches’ shoulders.


In the bigger picture, the Jazz essentially dumped Mehmet Okur and have ten-plus million dollars and a year to get a premiere player if they want. That eases the big man overload, speeds up the development of highly sought after Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, and opens the gates of opportunity to get a top notch Shooting Guard or Small Forward to help the Jazz with perimeter shooting and scoring the Jazz desperately need now.


The Jazz in the 2010-2011 season shot 34 percent from beyond the arc, putting them 20th in the 30-team league. So far this season the Jazz are shooting a mere 27 percent from the perimeter placing them 24th in the league through six games.


The Jazz have struggled scoring as well, coming in 27th in the league at 90.2 points per game this season.


Much is gone but all is not lost as the Jazz bring back returning starters Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap who lead the team in scoring, rebounds, steals, and blocks, with Earl Watson leading the way in assists with 4.3 a game.


Growing woes will be obvious, development will be clear, but one thing remains with the Sloan-less Jazz.  Hope.


By Josh Cann – Sports Writer