Operation Upgrade: athletic facilities in line for improvements

Renovations are in place to upgrade UVU’s athletic facilities this coming year and in years to come. The future is optimistic for UVU athletics, and these upgrades are part of the transition.

“We’ve had plans forever, and we continue to have plans for sure,” said the Director of Athletics Mike Jacobsen.

Planned renovations include more adequate seating for the soccer field, improvements to the softball field and adequate seating, restroom, and storage facilities for the track and field facility..

“The number one priority at this time is to provide more seating for the soccer field,” he said.

It will be a $300,000 dollar job which will be funded by private donations.

Other upgrades are being considered, specifically replenishing old equipment and facilities as they wear out.

They are currently prioritizing all other planned facility upgrades. Many are to take place right away, though specific dates have yet to be determined.

Upon becoming an official member of NCAA Division One athletics in 2009, there have been recent efforts of joining a different, more regional conference, or bettering their home in the Great West Conference to gain automatic qualifying status.

There is a definite stir of enthusiasm and dedication in the athletics department causing plenty of reason for optimism. In a short span of time, UVU as a school and athletic program has made significant strides, and has plans to continue.

“Wolverine athletics is in a really good place.” Jacobsen said. “Every year we continue to improve our ability to compete, the quality of student athletes, and improve and build on our athletic facilities.”

UVU (Utah Valley State College before its move to university status) has taken steps the last few years to become more nationally known and respected. UVU currently sports the fasting growing enrollment in the state. According to the Daily Herald’s Michael Rigert, Utah Valley is on track to be the largest public university in the state by next year in terms of enrollment.

On the other hand, UVU also has the lowest square footage space per student in the state, so facilities in general have been minimal and sparse in light of the ever-growing enrollment.

Now that the athletic facilities are in place, improving the quality of them becomes a primary focus to improve the overall goals of UVU athletics.


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