Author: Drew Ipson

UVUSA debate focuses on the lack of diversity in student government

Photos by Jonah Hokit Lack of diversity, communication and transparency within student government were the major issues that presidential candidates brought up during UVUSA’s elections debate Feb. 28 at Centre Stage. All of the presidential candidates selected values of transparency and communication as part of their campaigns; however, not all the candidates were cohesive in how they would solve the issue. Presidential candidates Marc Reynolds, Taylor Larsen, Anthony Collins and Dustin Draper discussed communication problems between the student body and student leadership, while presidential candidate Tong Li identified the lack of diversity in student government. “A lot of the...

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Adjunct faculty conflicted over campus experience

Photo by Cody Glassett   The composition of full-time faculty has increased since 2008, but the number of adjunct instructors still make up 43 percent of that composition, according to the school’s institutional report. Although there are benefits, the status of adjunct professors can result in a lack of perceived legitimacy and power on campus for teachers, according to Kiri Manookin, a former adjunct faculty member at UVU. According to Marci Bingham, a communications major, there is a reputation that professors take the job more seriously than adjuncts do. “[Adjunct faculty] can also have the feeling of being shut...

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UVU sees highest composition of full-time instructors since 2012

Photos by Cody Glassett The composition of full-time faculty has increased from 50 percent to 57 percent since 2012 as a result of administrative goals, according to UVU’s senior vice president of Academic Affairs, Jeffery Olson. “When UVU became a university, a target was set for it to have full-time faculty members teach 55 percent of its sections,” Olson said. “UVU exceeded that goal in 2017 with 57 percent of faculty being full-time.” UVU has seen a relatively small increase in the number of faculty on campus over the last ten years, according to the school’s Institutional Research and...

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Fake news has real consequences

Photos by Michelle Rivas Jennifer Napier-Pearce, editor of The Salt Lake Tribune, taught students and faculty how to combat the term “fake news,” Feb. 5 in the Classroom Building. “The real meaning of fake news [is] false stories presented as facts for financial or political gain,” Napier-Pearce said. “Fake news has real consequences.” Napier-Pearce shared real-life examples of how people react and respond to fake news stories. A notable fake news story shared was that of an active shooter situation in Washington, D.C. A man from South Carolina believed a fake report that a child sex abuse ring was...

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29th Annual Mr. UVU Pageant selects Parker Olsen as Winner

A crowded Centre Stage audience that included family, friends and students saw Parker Olsen crowned as the 29th annual Mr. UVU pageant winner Jan. 29. The mock pageant, held consistently every year since 1989, draws UVU’s “best and brightest” men on campus to compete for the title. Hoping for a cash prize, bragging rights, one of the school’s coveted plush blankets and the title of Mr. UVU, the pageant saw 10 contestants enter and perform. The pageant, which was emceed by UVU Student Association President Rob Smith and Senator for the Woodbury School of Business, Clint Madsen, saw great entries in three categories: swimwear, talent, and evening wear. Each of the contestants received loud laughs from the crowd as demonstrations in each category got more and more outrageous with each appearance on stage. Beau Ballard, Mr. Spirit Squad, made an explosive impact starting his entrance on stage skating out on Heelys to loud techno music sporting a red, white, and blue speedo for his routine. Ballard then topped his swimwear performance during the talent segment with a three-man re-enactment of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” dance routine. Each competitor had stage names that showcased the various colleges, sporting activities and interests that makes him unique and a great representative as Mr. UVU. Alex Abbott, Mr. College of Technology and Computing, returned for a second year intent on winning and swooned the...

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