Free blood pressure and body-fat tests provided to UVU students & faculty

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The UVU Wellness Program sponsored free health screenings to UVU employees and students in the Bingham Science Atrium on Tuesday, Jan. 10. 

As part of the new year, the program will provide screenings twice a month to provide students an insight as to where they are with their health. Students waited anywhere from five to ten minutes to be taken through their wellness exam by a member of the program.

Interns, like Alyssa Carn, a senior community health major, helps provide students with a basic understanding of what their numbers mean and what steps they should take to be healthier. 

“At the beginning of each month we’re trying to give students a chance to see where they lie health wise, [and] to find ways to improve and to set a good goal—to help them be healthy,” said Carn.

The health screening process lasts approximately ten minutes and consists of an analysis of blood pressure and overall body health. The first step of the exam is an evaluation of blood pressure. After this, students are placed on a scale to determine their total height, weight and body composition.

Interns, like Carn, help students see if their overweight, underweight or above average in body fat percentage or slightly below. 

Regular follow-up is essential to improving health, and students can take advantage of the free screenings each month to see how their health changes. Each sheet shared with students provides suggestions and steps reasonable for them to take towards better health.  [/et_pb_text][et_pb_blurb title=”Photography by Johnny Morris” url=”” image=”” icon_placement=”left” _builder_version=”3.10″ border_color_all_image=”#000000″]

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