UVU dresses up to throw it down at the Emerald Ball

UVU students flocked to the nostalgic “Emerald Ball,” held during homecoming week. A flashback to the time of high school dances, from awkward first kisses to the music of the early 2000s, this dance was just that, but in college.

“The Emerald Ball is the only formal dance we have at UVU, I think it’s just a welcoming mat to students and alumni,”  said Savannah Mcgill, a math studies major and organizer of the event. She also said that though in the past the advertising toward the alumni was great, but this years was not as good.

“It’s like a high school dance, just, the people are a little older,” said John Corrig, a business student.

The overall theme for this was black and white. Black and white candies and pastries along with pictures from UVU’s archives of the school history adorned the main entrance to the grand ballroom. Many dressed formally following the club-like vibe, some were in slightly retired LDS mission suits and others in hipster-like suspenders and slacks of various colors.

“It’s just kinda fun to get dressed up and be a little different, we do have a couple of events, [like] the jazz night that goes along more with the clothing,” said Shayla Shaw, a family science major. Though this may be the only formal dance UVU has, there are a few others that they hold such as the jazz night, where you can don the clothing and embrace the culture of the 1930s.

The ball, thrown on Friday, Sept. 28, was  just one of the many events held throughout the week. With the week consisting of drive-in movies, blood drives, and plenty of soft drinks, this was the final event before the men’s soccer game and the surprise concert sponsored by Pepsi, which ended up being Utah-native group Neon Trees.

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