Treat your leftovers right: Meal Prep 101

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An estimated 40% of food in the United States goes to waste- don’t let your meals follow the same pattern! Here are five tips and tricks you can use to make your meals last longer.

1. Timing- Store your leftovers as soon as your meal is over. Storing them quickly may preserve moisture and flavor, and will prevent bacteria growth that could occur. Food unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours can pose a serious risk to your health

2. Label– Something as simple as a label could help you enjoy your leftovers before they spoil. Labeling a date with a dry erase marker or equivalent can also help you organize your fridge, potentially saving your food from being forgotten.

3. Containers– Judge the amount of space available in your fridge before storing food items in Tupperware or Ziploc bags. The type of food you would like to store can help you decide the best containers for your leftovers. 

4. Freezer– Depending on the type and amount of leftovers, freezing may be a better option, not only for saving fridge space but for keeping your food fresh for longer periods of time. 

5. Cooking– Are you buying and cooking more than you’re eating? If large amounts of leftovers are going to waste, consider making smaller portions, buying fewer ingredients, or trying a different recipe.


Is there something else you do to prevent food waste? Let us know by commenting below. 

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