The pulse of Russia

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Moscow, the symbolic heart that has always sustained vast Russia, is open to students wishing to study abroad. Accepted participants have the chance to live in the capital of Moscow, while studying Russian in partnership with Moscow State University.

“This is one of the world’s most respected and intellectually rigorous universities,” said Marina Panina, Russia program director. “Small classes provide individual attention, but beyond this, students have the great advantage of being taught by professors of Russian and Russian studies who specialize in teaching their native language as a second language. Students gain competence more swiftly than they could imagine.”

Although not geographically central, Moscow has been the historical and political center of the country during its most chaotic times.

Visits within Russia will include the Kremlin, DUMA (the Russian parliament), St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Tomb on Red Square, art and historical museums, Kuskovo Estate and Star City, the training ground for Russian cosmonauts. Students will also take a two-day trip to St. Petersburg, the “Venice of the North.”

Info Box:

Cost: $2,995

Tentative Dates: May 8 to June 8 2010

Anticipated Curriculum:

Russian 1010, Russian 2020, Russian 3520, Russian 1020, Russian 3050, Language 291R, Russian 2010, Russian 3200

Application deadline in order to save $300: Dec. 18, 2009