Women’s Soccer is on a Roll

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Chis Conran | Staff Writer | @chrisconran

The Utah Valley Women’s soccer team has been on a roll through the WAC after losing their first conference game. After their 3-0 senior night win over Chicago State, the Wolverine Women have won six of their last seven games and are currently standing at third in conference.

The women have mustered up a great season so far and hopefully their steam will power the engine through the conference tournament and into a regional. They have been absolutely dominate at home with only one loss, and already have surpassed last year’s wins with two more regular season games and the conference tournament to go.

The tournament will be a test for them, last year they were sent home earlier, and road games are where the majority of the losses came from. But this year the team looks better and more ready than ever to get a shot at the championship.

This year’s team has a lot of chemistry and it shows on the field during games. Senior Captain Lexi Robison says, “we are all very close off the field, and it shows in the way we play”. Robison also pointed out that the team is “wiling to work and sacrifice for each other”. Strong, positive relationships between teammates can be the difference between winning and losing—making the games much smoother and practices more fun.

Speaking of practice, the team looks as conditioned as ever. They’ve put in the work with great preparation, according to Robison, and all the efforts have poured out on the field in the form of wins.

The women will be in the conference tournament and as long as they remain third in conference, they will sit at a nice seed for the bracket. They also have two more conference games, against the top two teams in the WAC, in which to fine-tune their play. These two teams are the same two that will give the women a run for their money in the tournament.

Be sure to come out and support our women’s soccer team as they take on Seattle University in their last home game on Nov. 1.

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