UVU Wellness website: an overview

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since some students may be unfamiliar with the wellness website, this guide has been written to help visitors know how to navigate it, and what to expect when they do.

The UVU Wellness homepage displays many available resources for students. Used with permission.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Keeping healthy in a busy school environment can feel impossible. UVU, however, has plenty of resources to help students take care of themselves in all aspects of wellness. The UVU Wellness website provides information about all of these resources in one accessible location. However, since some students may be unfamiliar with the wellness website, this guide has been written to help visitors know how to navigate it and what to expect when they do. 


Did you know the UVU Wellness program hosts events Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.? On Mondays, interns walk around campus and hand out free, healthy snacks. Go to the demonstration kitchen located in the Student Life building on Tuesdays to try an easy recipe you can make at home. Wellness Wednesdays, where students can learn healthy habits, are hosted weekly in “The Zone” (across from the UVU Campus Store). Thinking Thursdays, held around campus, help students better understand how to live a healthier life. Take advantage of UVU Wellness events by grabbing a free snack and learning about self-care as you walk from class to class. 

Health Coaching

The Health Coaching tab offers information on different coaching resources offered to students. Worried about your diet? Coaching sessions on nutritional strategies, intuitive eating and plant-based nutrition have you covered. There are also services such as physical fitness and mental health improvement programs. If you’re looking for direction or a nudge from a friend to get you started on your own physical health journey, coaching is available for you.

Registered Dietitian 

Did you know that UVU has its own registered dietitian, Kayla Jacobson? Jacobson said, “I love helping students cultivate a healthy relationship with food. I enjoy helping them see food as their friend and learn to eat in a way that is helpful both physically and mentally. Eating does not have to be confusing, stressful, or expensive!” Take advantage of what a professional can do for you! 

Health Risk Appraisal

Unfortunately, the Health Risk Appraisal program is going to be phased out in the next few months. The program was designed to help students assess personal medical risk by providing a  standard medical checkup including blood pressure, weight, and heart rate assessment.

Classroom Presentations

Teachers, are you struggling to teach your students about a health topic? The health topics offered for classroom presentations are Stress Busters, Alcohol and Tobacco 101, The Dangers of Disordered Eating, Intuitive Eating, Getting on a Path to a Healthier You, Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Health, Sexual Health, and Mental Health. To request these presentations, go to the Wellness website and request for Public Health and Health Administration senior interns to teach your class! 

Recliner Massage Chairs

Did you know that UVU has massage chairs for students? The chairs have long been a staple of the Wellness Center for their affordability and ability to relax sore muscles. It costs Two dollars for fifteen minutes most days, with use on the first Friday of every month and the week of finals for free! You can find these in the Student Life and Wellness Center, room 211.

Stress Reduction Room

As stated on the Wellness website, the Stress Reduction Room is, “a private room with dim lighting and relaxing music. Students/employees can use the room for private meditation, guided meditation, meditation cushions, yoga DVDs and mats, and pillows are available for use.” Walk-ins are welcome from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Healthy Cooking Class

Would you like to eat healthy, but just don’t know where to start? Sign up for a free Healthy Cooking Class “held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 in the Student Life (SL) Demo Kitchen,” states the website. The classes are interactive and “full of tips on preparing healthy meals, and participants always get to try out the recipes from [the] class.”

Walking Group

The UVU Walking Group is a great place to meet new people, get to know the campus, and get a few steps in. They meet every Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the south end of the Hall of Flags. Don’t have time to meet with them? They’ve got you covered with the Wolverine Mile, a “permanently marked” path across UVU for students to walk along, featuring a downloadable map. As the website says, “Walking is an easy and effective way to begin or maintain physical fitness in your life. In addition to improving your fitness, walking can be a great pick-me-up in the middle of a long work day!”

Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Wheel is a great resource for you to get to know how UVU can help you intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and nutritionally. By simply clicking the respective banners, all UVU resources regarding the topic chosen will appear so you can learn more about them! “I think it’s easy to navigate around it. I like the Wellness Wheel. The programs they offer are explained well and seem easy to sign up for. Plus, the cost is well displayed and reasonable for each program,” stated an interviewee attending UVU. The Health and Wellness section also plans to use the Wellness Wheel as a foundation for future article topics. See “A letter from the Health and Wellness Section Editor” on page 4 of this issue for more information.

Fitness Pass

Don’t have the money to purchase a gym pass? UVU offers a fully equipped gym located in the Student Life (SL) building. Students with ten or more credit hours for the semester get the pass free, while students with less than ten hours can get a pass for 40 dollars. More details regarding the facility can be found at the Student Life and Wellness Center website.

UVU has so much to offer, and there is something that every student can benefit from! Find what will help you succeed by discovering wellness during your college career at uvu.edu/wellness.

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