“You have a unique opportunity”: January Walker shares vision in second bid for Congress 

Reading Time: 3 minutes United Utah Party nominee January Walker returned to interview with The UVU Review about her congressional campaign in Utah’s special election in the 2nd Congressional District, speaking to hydro-fluming, blockchain technology and the national debt.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

January Walker, United Utah Party nominee and candidate for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, returned to The Review to discuss her second bid for Congress and her platform going into the race. 

Previously running in 2022 for the 4th Congressional District, Walker launched her campaign for CD2 after the sudden resignation of Rep. Chris Stewart

“CD2 is a lot more moderate,” Walker stated when asked if she expected similar success to her previous race in the district. “This district may show a little more than other districts have in the past.” 

During the interview, Walker spoke about several of her campaign proposals including hydro-fluming. 

“[Hydro-fluming] is essentially streamlining the water to the plant that it needs to go to,” Walker explained. She later explained that Afghanistan has tried similar systems to reduce their water waste. “They saved a [12%] chunk of water.” 

Walker later explained how blockchain technology would be used inside of this system to track where units of water were going. A common theme of Walker’s campaign has been implementing technological advancements to modernize American policy. In The Review’s previous interview with Walker, she spoke about how biometrics could be used for firearms. 

“The way the world is today, it doesn’t have to be this way,” Walker expressed. “The issues we’re facing, we now have the technology to solve these massive problems.” 

Walker related some of these ideas to her proposals to blockchain technology, not only to her proposals with tracking water usage but also to the national debt. Walker spoke to The Review about how she wanted to use blockchain technology to track where tax dollars are being spent in order to prevent waste in the federal budget. 

“Everybody is saying ‘Where is the money going? Where are our tax dollars at?’” Walker explained. “It works similarly to the water one, where you can track and trace things back to the exact unit.” 

Walker also responded to criticisms about block chain technology being unsecure. “No technology is 100% secure. … I would then argue that block chain technology is more secure than the technologies that most companies use to today.” 

Walker wanted to leave students with a message of support. As a UVU Alumni, Walker encourages students to be true to themselves if they choose to enter politics. She wants to express that being yourself — and not pretending to be yourself — is crucial in a life under a microscope. 

“The number one thing you need if you are getting involved in politics is to know who you are,” Walker asserted. “Put your integrity first.” 

To voters, Walker expressed, “You have a unique opportunity. You have a lot of candidates that you can choose from. … With that, who you pick will be a major factor in decisions going forward.” 

“The people who are currently on the ballot, you have seen their policies before. You know what exactly what you are going to get. It’s not going to be any different than what you have been getting for the last [seventy years]. So, if you want change, and I hear so many people saying ‘I want things to be better,’ if that’s truly what you want, it’s going to take courage to step outside of those models and acknowledge that things we have been told about politics and political parties, … that that’s not real. … We have to take action.” 

If you are interested in January Walker, you can learn more about her campaign on her website. To find out more about Utah’s special election, as well as to register to vote, visit the Lt. Governor’s website

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