A guide to UVU student life and wellness resources

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you want to learn about the resources and activities offered for free at the Student Life and Wellness Center, this comprehensive guide is for you. This semester, take advantage of the community resources UVU has to offer.

Cardio equipment lines a track at the Life and Wellness building.Reading Time: 3 minutes

UVU is home to an impressive collection of life and wellness activities for full-time (10+ credits) students. After sitting down with Dustin Lamont, Program Director of Student Life and Wellness Center Operations, The Review has compiled the following list of currently available resources for student reference. 

UVU Intramurals

Available Sports

UVU intramurals change with the season. “When it is cold outside, we are indoors mostly [and vice versa],” Lamont stated. Spring intramurals include: basketball, volleyball, futsal, pickleball, and typically bowling. After spring break, or during the beginning of the fall when “the weather gets nice,” flag football, soccer, volleyball, and 3-v-3 basketball occur, Lamont explained. 

Cost / time of intramurals

Lamont stated that intramurals usually cost “seven to 10 dollars for a full-time student to play, and they are getting anywhere from eight or 10 games for that four to six-week block that they play in.” Lamont also clarified that “most [intramural] games will run between five to 11 at night [depending on the game and location]” but that students can submit schedule recommendations to the intramural office if there is a time conflict with classes. “They can’t guarantee anything with all the teams that they have, but they try to do their best to accommodate.”

Signing up for intramurals

Go to IMLeagues.com/UVU to see what intramural sports are currently available and to sign up for them. 

UVU Student Life and Wellness Center

Resources at the Student Life and Wellness Center

At the Student Life and Wellness Center (SLWC) students and visitors can enjoy “3 side-by-side basketball courts (that are also for volleyball), a multipurpose court (used for futsal, pickleball [and badminton]), men’s and women’s locker rooms [including showers], four fitness rooms (which are used for fitness classes, [but may be utilized by students when classes are not in session]), a spin room, cardio equipment, cable machines, and free weights,” Lamont explained. 

Cost of Student Life and Wellness Center

For full-time students (10+ credits concurrently), the services at the SLWC are free, Lamont stated. “Once you get access to [the SLWC], everything in there, minus the climbing wall [rentals] are free. All of the fitness classes are free [as well],” Lamont mentioned. To get access to the SLWC, students need only bring their student IDs to the reception desk on the second floor and fill out paperwork as well as sign a waiver. 

Cost of the climbing wall

Lamont clarified that the climbing wall costs “one dollar for shoes and two dollars for a harness” to rent, and for visiting students, a five dollar admission to both the SLWC and rock climbing gym will be charged, in addition to rentals (if they do not bring their own gear). “If you are a full-time student, you have access to both [the SLWC and the climbing wall],” so the total cost would be around three dollars for admittance and rentals (if needed). However, for visiting students, admittance to the SLWC and climbing gym with rentals would cost around 13 dollars.

Guest passes

“If you had a friend who is not a current [UVU] student, all they need to do is pay a five dollar guest fee to get into the SLWC, and then they have access to everything [except the climbing wall, for the day].” However, guests “need to have to have a connection to UVU,” Lamont clarified. Additionally, family passes and spouse passes are available to students and employees. 

Operating times 

Operating times are posted on the SLWC website. Currently, they are listed as: Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bowling and Gaming Center

Available activities

“For the Gaming Center, we have five or six TV stations for gaming,” Lamont said. “Typically it is Xbox, and then we have a few Nintendo Switches.” Everything in the Gaming Center is free to students, and to receive access to everything, students should first check in at the reception desk to receive an ID. The Gaming Center also includes “pool tables, ping pong tables, air hockey, etc.,” Lamont

clarified. Bowling is available next door to the Gaming Center.


The Gaming Center is completely free for students, and bowling is extremely affordable, costing two dollars every half-hour for students (discounted to one dollar on Wolverine Wednesdays). Rentals are available for an extra cost. Semester passes as well as date night packages are also available. 

Operating hours

As posted on the Bowling and Gaming Center website, center hours are: Monday through Thursday 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.