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UVU Student Leadership Needs More Diversity

It’s no secret that the majority of UVU’s high profile student leaders are white males. In UVU’s 76 years as a state institution, white men have been elected to student body president nearly every time. In fact, the only time a woman served as student body president was 20 years ago and it’s been nearly ten years since a person of color was elected to the position. Of the six positions on this year’s Student Government Executive Council, only one position is held by a woman and one position held by a person of color. The presidential internship, UVU’s premier internship experience, has fared only slightly better. Each year nine students are chosen to be presidential interns and are mentored by President Holland, along with other members of his cabinet. Last year’s presidential internship cohort had two students of color, which is the largest number of students of color in the internship’s history. In regards to female representation, only 20% of all interns (past and present) have been women.   No one should feel guilty or ashamed of  their race, ethnicity,  gender or any other identity they espouse. However, problems surface when one group is overrepresented in leadership positions over long periods of time. When one group remains dominant, especially  in positions of power, it significantly impedes other voices that are just as valuable and in many cases needed....

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To change UVU, become a Presidential Intern

In February 2018, UVU’s Student Association (UVUSA) will begin to make the push for student government elections. Candidates from all across campus will vie for the four electable positions and other offices. If one asks any of the candidates why they want to be in student government, they will probably say something about wanting to help affect change at UVU. But many students are not aware that being a member of the student government isn’t the only way to change things on campus. If one wants to make an impact on the lives of individual students, there are numerous...

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