WAC Weekly: Closing Time

November 22, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’re pushing towards the end of November and each of the WAC winter sports are well under way, meaning it’s near closing time for WAC fall sports. There have already been champions crowned in men’s and women’s soccer, and a volleyball champion will have been decided by the end of the Nov. 22 weekend. What a run it has been for WAC fall sports in 2019!

WAC Weekly: Winter is Here

November 7, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Just like the very first WAC Weekly with fall sports, we’ll break down the preseason predictions for both men’s and women’s basketball and take a look at what may happen down the line, as well as UVU wrestling. Though the WAC does not have wrestling in the conference, UVU has boasted one of the best programs in the nation over the last couple of seasons, so the grapplers of UVU will get some well deserved recognition here.

WAC Weekly: What’s known and unknown

October 11, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes One obvious thing we know is, Utah Valley men’s soccer senior forward Blake Frischknecht is really, really good at scoring goals. An example of what we don’t quite know is, after New Mexico State in volleyball, whose play is for real and whose is fake?

WAC Weekly: What to look out for

September 27, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s time to mark these dates down — what dates exactly? The dates of WAC play beginning for each fall sport! Yes, it is finally upon us, the time where we inch closer to crowning the regular season and conference tournament champions in each sport. But first, what exactly should we be looking out for? […]

Creer’s Column: It’s time for fair pay

September 26, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes The change being implemented in California is a step in the right direction, and it would be smart for state legislatures to do the same. With all of the money athletes bring into state institutions, maybe it would be nice if they could make a little money for themselves.

WAC Weekly Column: The awakening of fall sports

August 29, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes We did it. We made it. What is it, you may be wondering? No, not the start of school but the slowest time of the sports calendar year is over with. Goodbye, dog days of mid-July and mid-August, where debates of professional athletes at AAU basketball games are the center of attention. Hello, fall sports […]

How Mark Pope transformed UVU into ‘Second-chance U’

April 2, 2019

Reading Time: 13 minutes Akolda Manyang needed to go somewhere he felt safe. He was still searching for stability shortly after being kicked off the Oklahoma basketball team following an arrest in his home state of Minnesota. He and another man were arrested when they assaulted a cab driver and stole his car keys after a night of drinking. […]

Owlz plan to leave Orem for Pueblo despite contract through 2022

June 22, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Orem Owlz are moving to Pubelo, Colo. in time for the 2020 season, the team’s owner announced in a video posted by the Pueblo Chieftain Wednesday. Jeff Katofsky, the owner of the advanced-rookie league affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels, plans to relocate the ball club to Colorado with the intention of starting a […]