Timothy E. Wood II

Plato’s Republic: Portents of morality

Reading Time: 2 minutes The western world owes its tradition of deductive logic not only to clever British detectives, but to the legendary philosophers of ancient Greece. Plato’s Republic is a testament to human beings’ ability to look at the world within abstract constructs of morality and corruption and to develop more just societies through them.

Velwythe: Bumpy start with promising future

Reading Time: 2 minutes With a background in classical philosophy and a love of video games, a new author brings an original idea to the overstocked book isles. Bonn Turkington, a recent UVU graduate, was always intrigued by the interactive environments of video games and RPG’s, but also enjoyed the intellectual feasts of Greek and Russian philosophies.

Book review: Tao Te Ching

Reading Time: 1 minute Ancient wisdom speaks to modern times through the dusty annals of long forgotten words of wisdom. Few, however, have been able to adequately bring back one of Asia’s timeless and most insightful classics: the Tao Te Ching (Dow Day Jay-ing, or Jing). A book wholly remarkable, since its first creation by Lao Tzu 2500 years ago, The Way And Its Virtue has been re-written perhaps more than any other book in history.