Monster Bash

September 12, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Darkness. Monsters. Murder. Spaghetti? The event was titled “An Affair to Dismember,” and the night of gruesome mayhem welcomed all who dared join in the mysterious murder over a “worm” spaghetti dinner served on good china. It was a taste of Halloween in early September. Zombies, pirates, an evil bridesmaid, a pilot and even a […]

Shopping for foreign treasures at Many Lands

September 6, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is a sense of being in a foreign country when wandering the aisles of the Many Lands store in Provo. The dimly lit aisles of unusual groceries often have unpronounceable foods not tasted by the typical American palate. For the more commonly known items, such as soy sauce and tea, the price of getting […]

Spectrum is a fun club for everyone, not just homosexuals

September 5, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Karaoke and laughter wafted down the halls of the Student Center. Looking into the room, there were instant calls to stay and sing along. After a night of amusing vocal antics, invites to the next scheduled gatherings ensued. This was an event put on by the UVU Spectrum Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer/Questioning Intersex and […]


April 11, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes Anime Club video fundraiser a huge success Rooms in the student center were filled to overflowing on March 31, the night of the video game tournament. The event was a fundraiser for the university’s Anime Club. The crowd was so intense that outer doors were opened for air circulation and when a third room was […]

The fantasy of building a career

February 28, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unlike the usual science fiction and fantasy conventions that focus on costumes and appeasing fans, the Life, the Universe & Everything symposium was an art and creative writing event focused on teaching writers and artists how to see weaknesses, improve skills, learn about the industry and make connections to help establish fantasy and science fiction […]

The most ill informed protest ever

February 22, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes It did not seem to matter to the protesters from the Utah Eagle Forum that Planned Parenthood’s stated vision is to “(create) a community where every child is a wanted child, where people make informed and responsible health decisions and where everyone has access to affordable, quality reproductive health care and the right to choose.” […]

Have you got your towel?

February 7, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Life, the Universe & Everything” is happening again at BYU The 29th annual science fiction and fantasy symposium known as “Life, the Universe & Everything” is returning to BYU Feb. 17-19. For the uninitiated, this is a collection of panel presentations, lectures, workshops and readings by professional authors and artists for aspiring authors, artists and […]

Building a contemporary Medieval fantasy

January 31, 2011

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Kill” your friends, don’t injure them. This is the motto of the SCA swordfighter. For the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international club that studies and recreates the Middle Ages, sword fighting is a common activity. Both heavy sword and rapier fighting, archery, throwing weapons, camping, sewing, art, history, calligraphy, lost crafts such as lace […]

Creating lasting wellness

January 24, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today’s trend in health care is moving away from traditional, allopathic Western medicine and towards more whole-body, mental-physical, holistic approaches. However, there are so few places to go for holistic medical care that most people are likely to either go to their traditional doctor, attempt to muddle through herbs and supplements on their own or […]

How many people are coming to your dinner?

November 22, 2010

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gourmet holiday cooking made easy The holidays are here, and you have to cook something impressive. Does this mean opening cans of green beans and yams? Why not make something fabulous with just a little more effort than it takes to make bland, boring fare? Here are some easy ideas of additions and adaptations of […]