Monster Bash

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Darkness. Monsters. Murder. Spaghetti?

The event was titled “An Affair to Dismember,” and the night of gruesome mayhem welcomed all who dared join in the mysterious murder over a “worm” spaghetti dinner served on good china. It was a taste of Halloween in early September.

Zombies, pirates, an evil bridesmaid, a pilot and even a Jeffree Star impersonator were among those in attendance at UVU Spectrum’s Murder Mystery Night on Sept. 1.

Suspicion ran rampant after the mystery characters had been decided. The list included an evil dentist, a green witch, a mummy and others. The game included scripts, clues, interrogatory questions and, of course, a murderer and victim.

The mystery lasted through several hours of laughter and caused suspicion to be cast on everyone. The Bridesmaid from Hell, also known as the club’s co-chairperson Ronni Sorensen, considered the night a success and a frighteningly good time.

“Everyone did their best to get into character and, although we could lie, be evasive or change the subject, [this was] sometimes more suspicious than if we had just admitted the truth outright,” Sorensen said.

Murder and detective work appeared to make this group of zombies and monsters ravenous because even after the event was technically finished and the mayhem had subsided, several of the close-knit group went off-campus to Village Inn for a late-night snack.

The next activity for Spectrum is the Walk for Life fundraiser benefiting the Utah AIDS Foundation on Saturday, the 17 10 a.m. to 1p.m. at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. There is also a night of watching “Glee” and sipping root beer floats planned for Sept. 21 in SC213A for the less athletically inclined.

More information on UVU Spectrum Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer/Questioning Intersex and Straight Alliance and their upcoming activities can be found on Facebook or by email at [email protected].