Author: Caden Damiano

DACA student finding his voice through UCUS club

Photo by August Miller of UVU Marketing Alan Ledesma says he has caught the bug for politics. Fresh off his trip to Washington D.C. where he met with Congressman John Curtis, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and other politicians. He tidied up his bedroom on a sunny February day in the apartment where he lives just south of UVU’s campus, preparing for an on-camera portion of the interview. “This will be more professional,” Ledesma said, picking up newspapers, books, and clothes from around his desk. Ledesma, 24, was in the nation’s capital in support of negotiations for a new Deferred Action...

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Pizza and counter terrorism

Pizza and Politics is a guest-speakering event, held one Tuesday a month, from 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. Pizza and Politics offers free pizza to all UVU students who attend. Topics range from law enforcement to presidential elections, all with the aim to help students become more aware of the world they live in.   In the past, however, the attendance atto the event has been lackluster, at best. The average number of attendees has ranged from 20-30 students. A blip on the student body radar, seeing as the guest-speakers deliver great, informative talks and then open up the...

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Keeping the sword sharp through clubs

Sophomore Isaac Perez has been in a couple of clubs during his college career. One was a mentor ship club for youth, which he participated in during his first year. Another was in the marketing club, which applied to his major. When asked about why he joined the marketing club, he said, “I wanted to get to know the major and see what it was all about.” Why did he do that? What’s the difference between learning in his intro classes and joining the club? This week is Club Rush week, and even though UVU student participation is common...

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Do students realize how valuable internships are?

  photo credit: Tim Gouw Construction Management adjunct professor, Creggan Wagstaff, is a big advocate of UVU. While Wagstaff was studying as a student at UVU, he had an internship every summer between semesters. When asked about how he found those internships, Wagstaff stated “I didn’t find them through the typical UVU channels.” Instead, he had to put in his own efforts to find internship opportunities. Wagstaff now works for a construction firm who poached him from his first job. He was so valuable that he didn’t even have to apply. All he had to do was make a sexy resume, not graduate from a popular school like most students believe, and companies flocked to him. A common misconception of UVU is that it is a school that doesn’t lead to prime career opportunities.  This belief started because before UVU was a university, it was a junior college and a trade school, a feeder for BYU transfer students. BYU was the place to go because it had connections to big companies. Recently, however, it has been the other way around. Now students from BYU are transferring to UVU. What has changed? There is no doubt that UVU has come a long way since it became an accredited university. The student population has grown exponentially in the last 5 years, and it’s looking like it will be the largest college in...

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