Pizza and counter terrorism

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Pizza and Politics is a guest-speakering event, held one Tuesday a month, from 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. Pizza and Politics offers free pizza to all UVU students who attend. Topics range from law enforcement to presidential elections, all with the aim to help students become more aware of the world they live in.

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In the past, however, the attendance atto the event has been lackluster, at best. The average number of attendees has ranged from 20-30 students. A blip on the student body radar, seeing as the guest-speakers deliver great, informative talks and then open up the floor to panel question and answer sessions,. aAnswering the biggest issues surrounding the featured topic.


That shouldn’t be a problem this time, because the speakers are going to touch base on a topic that is near and dear to the world’s heart: The War on Terror.


The speakers for the upcoming Pizza and Politics are Professor John McFarland and Ryan Vogel. Both are UVU faculty members who teach classes on national security and terrorism, and. bBoth will be given 15 minutes to offer deeper insights into terror attacks and counter-terrorism that, one would never get from the evening news.


Prof. McFarland will be covering every terror attack, going back to 9/11, showing the brief history of how terror has evolved since then. Ryan Vogel will be talking about counter-terrorism in our decade. He offers a vast amount of experience from his time spent at the Pentagon and as a senior analyst at the Wwhite Hhouse. He is currently head of National Securities Sstudies at UVU.
Everyone should go to this event and learn what the two have to teach, especially if it covers such a prevalent problem in today’s world. Andre Jones, the UVUSA Chief Justice and , who head ofs the event, said, “… [(Students]) who don’t know what they want to study should go to this event., Tthey might be very interested in learning more in the classes they [(McFarland and Vogel]) teach.” The event will be held at Center Stage, on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 1:00 p.m.