Clearing the supposed wetlands and opposition to it

Although the area on the west side of campus were once wetlands, the deterioration of the area resulted in a positive use of the badly-needed space where they stood. Last semester, the decision was made to remove from campus an area referred to as wetlands. This is not a negative choice for this area. This […]

Sitting, waiting, wasting

Dining Services must reduce what it produces Dining Services works hard to reduce the amount of waste they produce each year. Unfortunately, the gap in the amount of waste produced compared to the effort to reduce waste is too large to overcome without major change. There are two contributing factors to waste production on campus: […]

The green in the Wolverines

The U. and BYU are years behind the energy conservation programs already in place here at UVU. This university has been a leader in energy conservation for many years. When compared to the major universities in the state, our program is years ahead of Utah’s other universities. We have been conscious of energy conservation for […]

Campus recycling is more serious than buying a Prius

The university’s recycling program has improved over the last few years, and with key additions being discussed for implementation, it only looks to get better. Headed by the Sustainability Committee, the recycling program was adopted to help the campus become green and reduce its overall carbon footprint. The committee is charged with developing, innovating and […]

Education available 24/7

Education has always been on set schedules. Class is at a specific time, on a specific day. Online classes, however, provide students with a freedom that on-campus classes do not — freedom of time. Referred to as Distance Education, online classes are no different in coursework and length than attending class on campus. The courses […]

Shuttle bus lacks structure and schedules, rendering it ineffective

The shuttle bus that travels campus is ineffective and not student-friendly because it lacks set rules and scheduled pick-up times. Students can wait for over twenty minutes for it to get from one place to another. The shuttle bus is a free service to students, which makes moving around campus easier. But with no scheduled […]

Student fees provide necessary student options

The ways in which student fees are handled could not be better. The money is allocated to meet the needs of students. Without the extra fees that students pay, accessibility to computer labs, wireless Internet and even the student center would not be available. Paying student fees, a process designed by the student government, adds […]

Fast food campus: healthy food a limited option

Being a college student can be stressful. Choices that students make now will affect the outcome of their lives. One choice that should not take a backseat to others is a student’s choice of food. Our campus offers many options for dining that are quick and easy for the student. This gives anyone the option […]