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Taking advantage of online classes lends flexibility to students’ schedules. Lyndi Bone/UVU Review

Education has always been on set schedules. Class is at a specific time, on a specific day. Online classes, however, provide students with a freedom that on-campus classes do not — freedom of time.

Referred to as Distance Education, online classes are no different in coursework and length than attending class on campus. The courses are semester-based, meaning that they begin and end at the same time the on-campus classes do.

Instead of having to fight traffic, parking and crowds for an entire semester, enjoy your freed-up time by taking an online course.

While many of the courses have scheduled dates for tests and assignments to be turned in, the course content can be accessed anytime of day, on any day of the week, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

This gives the students the freedom to attend class when it is most convenient for them.

“Taking online classes was the best decision I have made,” said student Jared Fager. “Online classes here are the best.”

UVU recognizes the importance and convenience that online classes bring to students. The university is planning on raising the amount of curriculum that is offered online.

Distance Education offers just over 150 courses right now. The current plan is to have the amount of all courses available online around 20 percent.

“[That’s] the number the president has used [for] curriculum online,” said Dan Clark, senior director of Distance Education. “It is not a transition to online, but increasing the distance education. We are not removing the other courses on campus, but offering more modes of delivery.”

Online classes provide many liberties to students at the same cost of on-campus classes. The cost of tuiton is identical to on-campus classes, plus a $52 fee per course. On-campus class fees, however, are not added, often making the total cost of tuition much less.

Students are also provided with all the necessary tools to ensure that they are successful in their education. Distance Education students have full access to writing, math and peer tutoring labs, along with the library whenever they need assistance or extra materials.

With as much freedom as the online classroom provides to students, only one out of four students sign up for online classes each semester.

By adding more classes to the online forum, the university is hoping to provide more freedom for students.

When registering for classes this upcoming semester and in future semesters, if you see the option to take a class online, jump at the opportunity. You will enjoy all the same accessibilities of classes on campus without the stress that accompanies physically being there.

Instead of fighting the daily stresses of traffic, parking and wondering how to get everything done on your schedule in only 24 hours, you will only have to worry about what time you want to go to class.

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