“Oscar-Worthy” Live Stream: Meet Hot Tea Improv

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Photo Courtesy of Hot Tea Improv

Ever had an “Oscar-worthy” moment in a car dealership? How about a mortuary? These scenes and more have been acted out by Hot Tea Improv, a group at UVU that has resumed their performances, now livestreamed on Facebook Live on Thursday nights.

Improv is short for “improvisational theater,” which is theater and comedy unscripted, sometimes including musical elements or songs created on the spot. Maren Lethbridge, a newer member of the team working on a bachelor’s of fine arts with an acting emphasis, explained her experience joining the team.

“Last year I was taking an improv class and loved it,” said Lethrbridge. “I knew that Hot Tea Improv was my next step to learning more about it. My professors encouraged me and my cohort to join and now here we are!”

Hot Tea Improv hasn’t been spared from making adjustments to their performances.

Photo courtesy of Hot Tea Improv

Following CDC and state guidelines, Hot Tea Improv members present while wearing masks to a select audience while a majority of attendees join in online. Team members act out suggestions of scenes given by audience members in person or through the live stream chat — taking time to interact and involve the ongoing virtual commentary.

“Live-streaming shows is definitely a different animal,” said Hallie Purser, senior in the acting program. “There’s something so fun about getting an audience reaction when doing improv, it really fuels the performances.”

“We are streaming a show every Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. MDT! Tune in for a night of laughs and comedy on its feet. We have fun!” said Purser. “Times are rough but we can find the laughs in whatever circumstances we have.”

From looking for the world’s next sensation to seeing a noir mystery with ballet, students that watch the live stream are sure to see a different performance every time they attend. Visit Hot Tea Improv’s Facebook page today for more informatiom.