There’s nothing like the first time

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Illustration by: Ashley Fairbourne


In an attempt to educate, enlighten and expound people’s views on the most natural and yet most secretive subject, the UVU Review is starting a sex column.

Most of us have heard of the birds and the bees, though many of us still don’t understand what it even means. This euphemism was created to give an innocent and, most oftentimes, completely vague answer to the famous coming-of-age question: “Where do babies come from?”

Here is the official word: Birds lay eggs similar to that of female ovulation. In reference to male fertilization, bees carry pollen to flowers. An apparently all-encompassing answer to the nature of men and women.

The idea that this phrase could possibly sum up all the intricate and emotional complexities that make up human beings seems reprehensible. Do blue birds ever have one night stands they regret? Does bumble bee worry about avoiding possible STIs?

The fact is, this is just one of the many ways people in history have avoided the topic that no one wants to say out loud but everyone is a part of in one way or another.


One simple word with many connotations attached to it. Just the mere mention of sex can evoke so many emotions, opinions, topics and discussion among people. To some, the discussion is exciting, scary or confusing. To others it is abhorrent, crude or even eternally damning.

Whether you like it or not, sex is a part of life.

At one point we birds and bees leave the nest, or the hive, and begin discovering things on our own but the talk we once heard rarely answers all of the complexities of modern relationships.

This new column is geared specifically for those questions, information or warnings that you didn’t hear at your maturation program.

Just because certain things weren’t taught to you doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to know them. What happens when you mistake a wasp for a bee or a daisy for a wild flower? Will you learn the hard way that every rose has its thorns or learn through others’ stories.

This is a safe place for everyone to ask and receive the answers they are looking for and share experiences that we can all learn from.

Because of the taboo nature of this topic we will try our best to tread lightly and respectfully as not to offend any readers.

All questions or stories are completely anonymous.

Now…let’s talk about sex.

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