Survival tips to finish out the semester strong

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Whether you stayed in the valley or went out for this year’s spring break, coming back to class is hard. The week-long adventure of late nights and late mornings comes abruptly to an end the morning we’re all to report back to our classes.

Luckily, the semester is more than halfway over and with only a month left, there’s a ton of events and services to keep you afloat until summer begins. Arranged by class year, here are some ways to keep your motivation high until the semester ends.


This is your first year in college and the newness of the experience is still there. UVU has so many things to offer that it begins to sound like a cheesy infomercial saying “wait there’s more,” but in reality, there truly is more. According to the American Psychological Association, anxiety is the top concern among college students (41.6 percent).  Thankfully, UVU is taking the necessary steps to ensure mental stability is taken serious here. Student Health Services offers a wide variety of services ranging from group and single therapy sessions to routine physical exams at little to no cost to UVU students.


One year down, three more to go. Surviving the first year is a time consuming task in and of itself, but making friends along the journey to your degree is one of the greatest things —  besides a degree — that college can offer you. The Outdoor Adventure Center offers events every month that not only take you outdoors to explore the amazing Utah Valley environment, but it also gives you the perfect time to meet other people from UVU. For this last month alone, the OAC is offering more than 20 events to keep you busy this semester.


The junior class is like the neglected middle child. Your year isn’t as overwhelming as your first nor as stressful as your last. This is the year where you’re knuckling down to endure the remainder of the semester while keeping your grades where you want them. A person can only hold on to the dreariness of college for so long. To keep your battery rejuvenated throughout the remainder of the semester check out the UVU Students page on facebook. This page is dedicated to all events related to UVU without the hassle of signing up ahead of time.No commitment means you can back out (or in) at a moment’s notice. Knowing about this resource can help you find things to do when you need a break from a study session or need help planning a date night.


The big dogs on campus. The veterans twitching like maniacs due to loss of sleep or in other words, the seniors. This is the last year of your college experience. Depending on how you performed in your previous years (and earlier in the semester) you’re either sweating bullets trying to keep your grades up or the semester is easy like a Sunday morning. Whether your stressing or having the time of your life, internships should be on your brain. If you waited until the last moment to think of internships, no biggie. UVU has more than four internship information sessions hosted on campus for the remainder of the semester and an online resource with listings of internships.