How to maintain mental clarity this semester

It can be hard to manage school, personal, and work life, especially when you feel as if you’re juggling more than you can handle. The good news is that here at UVU, you’re provided with resources geared not only for your success but for you to enjoy yourself as well. Here are some tips to keep your mental clarity this semester and help you weather whatever storm comes your way.

Accept that you are human.

It can be easy to forget that no matter how awesome we are, we will always fall short at some point. When this happens, it is easy to think that you are the mistake instead of you made a mistake. Take a deep breath and accept that you are human, and humans make mistakes.

Reach Out

You are not alone. Here at UVU, you have access to budget friendly mental and physical health services.  UVU offers everything from group therapy to personal one on one sessions. Take advantage of this service by calling Student Health Services at 801-863-8876 located in room 221 in the Student Center building.


Nothing chases away sleep like anxiety and stress. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the chemicals your brain releases during deep sleep are connected to hormones that direct your body to stop producing stress hormones. How can you sleep if stress is the reason you aren’t sleeping? There is no direct answer that will work for everyone. Contact a mental health professional to find a solution that works for you.

Make Time for Yourself

When you’re feeling overworked, tired and ready to give up on your studies, think about the last time you had personal time.  As students, it’s hard balancing school with other responsibilities. The Office of Extended Studies says UVU has over 2,000 non-traditional students balancing not only their studies but full time work and family. Making time for yourself is no longer an option but a must. Take the time to visit UVU’s student life center, which houses four floors packed with activities for everyone. If you’re finding it hard to find a babysitter, bring the kids along. From family bowling night on Monday, foosball to the climbing wall, there’s bound to be something for your family to enjoy together.

By using all four tips, you will have a fighting chance to not only endure this semester but enjoy it.

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