Healing with Music

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Striking chords in the hearts of many, Christmas is a time for reflection and
doing good deeds for others.
Project Heals Christmas concert We Rejoice Thee was performed Dec 6th at
the Covey Center for the Arts, Provo Center Street, by the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra.
This performance was in dedication to becoming more aware of how to better
support those we know with problems facing addictions and poverty.
Having been created a decade ago, Project Heal has held the goal that proper
education and musical inspiration there can begin the process of recovery for those
that have been stuck in downward spirals of negativity in their lives. According to
Nathanial Drew, Alumnus Bachelor of Music and conductor of SL Pops Orchestra,
Project Heal had approached them via Facebook after viewing a few YouTube videos
created by the orchestra.
“ All the proceeds are going towards those in need this season,” Drew said. “
Since this group really is working for charity causes, of course, it’s a great pleasure
to be a part of something that’s for the benefit of others.”
After graduating in 2008 Drew began working in advertising and though the
SL Pops Orchestra had begun performing a year and half ago. Only in the past six
months has Drew fully focused all his time into the orchestra. According to Drew he
has learned more by working with and meeting new people in his non-traditional
“Because we are unlike most performing groups we don’t consistently
perform in brick and mortar buildings, instead our videos capture what cannot be
otherwise captured onstage,” Drew said. “Using websites, like YouTube, as
marketing tools has allowed us to gain attention so that groups, like Project Heal,
can have help with charity work.”
According to Emma Blas, Senior in both Community Health and Music,
playing French Horne for the SL Pops Orchestra has been making her feel more
complete. That this performance was important to her because she could mix her
passion of music with her career goals with helping people become more conscience
of how their actions affect not only themselves alone but all those who are around.
“Music is a universal language,” Blas said. “ Music can inspire and change the
perspectives of those who listen. It is truly a beautiful thing when we can touch
others hearts with such a worth while message.”

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