A grad bash to remember

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Graduation is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate your accomplishment of receiving your degree. Friends and family will be traveling from all over to come see you and celebrate with you. Planning your grad party is crucial.

Don’t invite your ex boyfriend/ girlfriend — We understand, you still have feelings for them and still want to talk to them and see them, but why invite them to something that is meant to be a happy occasion? Showing your recent ex that you have successfully completed college and moving on to bigger and better things will only make things awkward and uncomfortable. Better to just text them and avoid face.

Be casual — Don’t put too much thought into your graduation party. It’s not like planning a wedding. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family, so have a BBQ, order a cake from Costco and have it be a comfortable day for everyone involved. No need to spend a ton of money on fancy foods or rent out places.

Plan ahead — Where we live, obviously the weather is unpredictable at best, so it’s best to have a “just in case” plan. Planning an outdoor party? Have an indoors back-up plan ready in case it rains. Nothing can be more annoying than waking up and seeing storm clouds on your big day.

Pamper your parents — Make sure your parents are given carefree status. This is the time to start paying them back for all the help, financial and otherwise, they’ve given you the past four or so years. Show them you care for and appreciate them, because chances are, they’ve been stressing out more than you.

So, now go out and enjoy your big day. Go yell and scream and cry with glory for what you have done. Or go indulge at Yogurtland or eat a whole pizza by yourself. Whatever the case may be, have fun and bask in the glory of completing something that has been so challenging.

Also, remember to reflect on all the memories you have here and share them with those closest to you. And don’t forget to thank all those that have helped you along the way that got you there. You are now UVU Wolverine Alumni.

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