Cultivate your talent through UVU arts

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UVU art students are given opportunities to further their education and gain valuable experience in whichever way they choose to express themselves. In both performing and visual arts, UVU supports their art departments with classes and showcase opportunities where they can share the love of what they do with an audience.

Whether a student has been training all their life in their form of art or just beginning in it, they can take advantage of the opportunities at UVU. Art professor Marcus Vincent spoke about his own college experience, and how it helped to expand his knowledge and understanding of his craft.

“While I had had significant training in arts during school prior to attending university, it was only at the university where I considered that the real professional training began,” Vincent said.

“There was a rigor and seriousness at the university that was only partially there in high school…The depth of art in asking questions, thinking of art as language, were new concepts to me. It is so much more than just making pretty pictures. This opened up a whole new world for me, one that I continue to revel in and explore its nooks and crannies.”

Within the Department of Art and Design, students can develop their skills in painting, photography, filmmaking, ceramics and graphic design.

The Department of Theatre also has great opportunities for those interested in careers such as acting, make-up artistry, costume artistry, lighting design and theater research. According to professor Laurie Harrop-Purser, students have had internships in the UK and in the fall of 2018, internships will be available in Hollywood. In UVU, students have opportunities to produce, write, direct and act in plays. Purser also encourages those that aren’t in theater to try it because it can help develop valuable skills for any profession.

The dance program provides opportunities for dancers regardless of which style is the focus. There are performance teams for modern, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop and ballroom. Students can study to become teachers, performers, and administrators.

The department of music is also a great way for students to get involved in the arts. The program focuses on education, performance and commercial music. Students can join groups such as bands and choirs, as well as apply for scholarships.

Regardless which art you’d want to study, UVU has a way for you to enhance your understanding and technique of your art. Dance teacher Sarah Donohue said, “The arts teach you alternative ways to approach learning. They give you an immediate hands-on engaged interaction with your education, and they provide a reflection on our culture — past, present, and future.”

Even if you’re not in the arts programs, each department presents showcases that you can visit to support them and see what they’re all about. Check out the UVU events calendar to learn when they are.