Competition issues

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Kicks, flips, spins, and twirls to the beat of finger-snapping music—a competition dedicated to pushing the limits of physical ability and creativity was awe-inspiring.

On Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012, at the Physical Education courts, UVUSA held their third annual Best Dance Crew competition. The evening had several interesting complications before Low Profile was declared winner.

According to Jared Maruji, UVUSA Fine Arts Chair, the evening’s issues were unforeseen and were handled as quickly and as appropriately as possible.

“Even though audience attendance was more than what I expected,” Maruji said, “ I couldn’t have hoped for a more patient and helpful group of people.”

During an opening gag-skit by the hosts of the event, the first technical problem occurred when one of the microphones went dead. The second malfunction was during the performance by Six Feet Underground.

“We had practiced earlier in the day with the technical equipment, so we were able to quickly figure out what needed to be replaced and readjusted,” Maruji said. “But sometimes things can be beyond our immediate control.”

Because of the technical difficulties that Six Feet Underground experienced during their first set, Garret Crawford, a Judge for the event (and Hip Hop teacher at UVU), gave them a second chance. According to Crawford, it wouldn’t have been fair to judge them on their first effort. “[Because of the technical snags during their first performance,] the music sucked and everyone was off,” Crawford said.

During the second performance by Six Feet Underground, another interruption occurred. Some loud commotion was made as dancers stopped dancing and all attention was directed towards the front of the bleachers.

Audience members near the disturbance recounted what happened. According to Taran Bhagat of Provo, one spectator seized up, foamed a little at the mouth, and began shaking uncontrollably.

“He started shaking, and people around us started screaming for help,” Bhagat said. This person was taken care of by trained professionals who arrived on the scene.

Six Feet Underground was not given a third chance, as the event’s agenda was pressed for time due to all the interruptions.

“We did the best we could while we could,” said Uly Gonzales of Six Feet Underground. “It’s a tragedy in so many ways.”

Low Profile, an all-female dance crew, won the competition and received a $500 award.

“I was in shock when they said we won,” said Brea Horito, a member of Low Profile.

Second place winners were The Creators, who received a $200 prize. And third place was awarded to Pepino, for having the best dance sequence.