Animation Club: Frame by frame

Annika Schwartz, Vice President of the Animation Club, creates a poster for their first Club Rush

From classic 2D animation to 3D game design, the Animation Club holds warm-ups, trainings, and activities centered on helping members hone in their talents.

“The people who started the animation club, most of us have all started from the Game Design Animation degree here at UVU. It was actually one of our classes that we thought it would be a good idea to start a club from, and we’re just like ‘why don’t we open it up to everyone?’” Chugg said. Don Chugg, the Inter-Club Council Representative, said. As the representative of Animation Club, Chugg participates in monthly inter-club councils and plans club activities. 

Don Chugg, ICC Representative of the Animation Club, photographed during a club activity

The Animation Club hosts basic animation activities such as pose drawing, gesture drawing, movie nights, and animation history nights.

Nathan Carpenter, a freshman in Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Animation Club, joined at the beginning of the semester during Club Rush. “I’ve always loved drawing, but I never had the time, and so I just kind of got back into it, and Animation Club is a cool way to practice my drawing skills.”

“Since we’re a fairly new club we are hoping to grow our club, but also we’re trying to figure out what the best ways are to help the members of our club animate better, and that’s including ourselves because we’re all here to learn and progress.” Chugg said.

Animation Club has Instagram and Twitter accounts at @animation_uvu where they announce future events. For more information, email: [email protected]

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