Choreography Design 2018 showcases the beauty of ballet

Utah Metropolitan Ballet and Westlake High School presented eight pieces for the Choreography Design Director’s Choice concert. The groups performed in the Ragan Theater  Jan. 25, proving their dance skills as well as the imaginative talents of the guest choreographers.

Utah Metropolitan Ballet, formerly Utah Regional Ballet, has been the professional performing company in residency at UVU since 1995. They have performed locally and internationally since then.

The Choreography Design show has been a staple for the company for the past decade. Choreographer’s compete against each other with their unique pieces to be chosen for the presentation. This year, instead of a competition, some of the best choreographers from the previous showcases were selected to show their recent works.

The number “Transcendence” began the show on a suspenseful note, with dancers dressed in black, moving in sync along to eerie music. Westlake High School dance company was invited to join the show and proved that they have a future in dance.

Utah Metropolitan Ballet 2, composed of younger students, put on a stunning show under dark blue lighting that made it seem as if they were dancing under the night sky. Dancer Olivia Newell said she was grateful for the opportunity to be with the company and to be able to express herself on stage. Sophia Thompson, who is also on the team, said she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in dance from a young age.

Vicky Hopper, the UVU Coordinator for Gift Planning, attended the show to support her daughter who danced in it.

“I loved the intricacy of all of the different components of each of the pieces,” Hopper said. “You look at one dancer and she was doing one thing, and you look at another dancer and she was doing another thing. It was all so different and all so beautifully choreographed together.”

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