Movie Review: Stephen King’s ‘IT’

September 18, 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bliss was the summer of 1988 in Derry. Everything from great bands, like New Kids On the Block, blasting on the radio, cliff jumping with friends into the lake, bullies cruising through the streets looking for the next chubby kid to pick on. Everything, except the terrifying clown in the sewers hunting for the next […]

Stephen King: king of movies

September 19, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes As I finished the last page of Stephen King’s novel “Thinner,” I started to think of how the story could translate into film. There would be technical aspects, such as getting an overweight actor to loose weight during the course of the movie to the point he’s emaciated but I figured it would be an […]

A modern master reveals his secrets

January 25, 2010

Reading Time: 1 minute Many novice writers study literary classics in hopes that some intellectual genius might rub off on their pliable young minds. However, any astute aspiring writer with intentions to succeed in any material sense of the word won’t neglect the work of contemporary authors who receive a lot of buzz. Stephen King is one such author, […]