The impact of geek culture

September 8, 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes Costumes, Celebrities, Fandoms, and Artists! Comic Con is a geek’s favorite weekend of the year. Since 2013, Salt Lake City has hosted its very own Comic Con yearly. Thousands of people attend each year, including vendors, artists, and cosplayers. The attendees are not only limited to Utah residents though, the turn out is so big […]

5 reasons why being a dork gets better with age

January 17, 2012

Reading Time: 6 minutes Let’s face it. Adulthood is a double edged-sword. Yes, you have more freedom to do whatever you want, no one can tell you what to do and you get to watch as many R-rated movies as you want. However, with adulthood also comes really annoying things like responsibilities. You have to work so you can […]