The impact of geek culture

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Costumes, Celebrities, Fandoms, and Artists! Comic Con is a geek’s favorite weekend of the year. Since 2013, Salt Lake City has hosted its very own Comic Con yearly. Thousands of people attend each year, including vendors, artists, and cosplayers. The attendees are not only limited to Utah residents though, the turn out is so big that a great number of people attend from out of state. Every year, the convention seems to get bigger and bigger. One reason for this is that by having Comic Con yearly, the culture of Utah is changing.. While other con’s, like the giant one in San Diego, have a lot more celebrities and panels, the Salt Lake City Comic Con has a more personal and intimate feel to it. The lines still get crazy and the parking is a nightmare which makes a lot of people prefer to take public transportation. The atmosphere feels like home and after attending the Comic Con once, you sense a welcome like you are part of a weird and wonderful family.


The streets are always a sight to see with people dressing up from their favorite comics, T.V shows, movies, anime, or books. The air always seems to buzz with excitement as gaggles of people walk into the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Now, the actual event is amazing and there is so much to do and report on, however; it’s even more interesting to see the after effects of comic con. It is only one weekend a year but the effects stay long after. Artist’s Alley, which is a section of Comic Con dedicated to art work whether they be original pieces, fan art, or commissioned work. You see a community of people who are from all over Utah, and lots of them know each other from previous years. Many artists even form meet up groups with each other.  You can really see a sense of comradery amongst them, genuinely caring about each other’s success.

Even a look amongst the venders will show you how this specific culture has grown in our county. You can see a lot of costume stores, with really authentic quality clothes and even a Jane Austen weekend retreat (complete with authentic dress and dance). It’s really incredible to see people of all ages bond over their love of all things geeky and nerdy. People are so accepting at Comic Con, a feeling which is very evident throughout the weekend, which makes people very comfortable.

Comic Con has made its mark on Utah and it’s here to stay.