Students, professors protest American Bullfighting event

September 30, 2018

Reading Time: 4 minutes Photos by Johnny Morris Conflict clouded the Freestyle For Hope Shorty Gorham’s American Freestyle Bullfighting event Sept. 29, as bullfighting enthusiasts were met by animal rights activists on their way into the UCCU Center. “It’s inappropriate for universities to hold events like this that use animals for entertainment,” said philosophy professor and protest organizer, Karen […]

Ethics week tackles the issue of racial profiling

September 29, 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Lauren Barney | Staff Writer   Ethics Awareness Week featured racial profiling as part of its 29th annual program at UVU to educate and promote understanding on the complex issue. In an open conversation setting on Sept. 23, racial profiling among law enforcement was highlighted. John King, Chief of Police for Provo City and […]

Ethics Awareness Week

September 28, 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since 1992, UVU’s Center for the Study of Ethics has held an Ethics Awareness Week. It is a week-long series of panels and lectures, and the center funds sessions selected from those submitted by faculty, staff and community members. Focused on ethical content in a variety of settings, the Center’s goal is to promote Ethics […]

Examination of the “sacred” is always ethical

September 28, 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes As I was wondering through the halls on campus I happed to notice a poster on the bulletin board that said “Is examination of the sacred ever ethical?” It was referencing the HBO series “Big Love” which is about a fictional Utah polygamist family that happened to air an episode depicting activities that occur in […]