UVU drops two then leaves Grizzlies to lick their wounds

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The Grizzlies found themselves chased down by our ferocious Wolverines all weekend, as UVU’s softball team made their way up north to face off against the University of Montana.

Two games were played March 16, both of which University of Montana (UM) took the wins. Game one started slowly for both teams until at the bottom of the fourth, when UM pulled forward with three points. UVU pushed to tie the game up multiple times in the fifth and then again in the bottom of the sixth inning. But with one last hit out to center field by UM sophomore, Cami Sellers, the game was lost ending in a score of 5-4, the win for the University of Montana.

The second game of the day was lost in the fourth inning as UM pulled forward with run after run, resulting in a seven-point lead by the bottom of the fourth, with the final score ending 10-3 in favor of the University of Montana.

It was then time to recharge and start fresh the next morning. Not getting discouraged but ready for more, UVU went into the final game played Sunday, March 17, to finish out the Montana series.  Learning from the previous game, our Wolverines amped up the defense and came out swinging. Sophomore Linnah Robolledo led with 3 RBI’s and junior Lyndsay Steverson had two doubles in the first two innings. It was a strong start with six points by UVU in the first inning, and then a continued outpouring of great hits and superior pitching by UVU junior Devyn Cretz. After this game, Cretz now holds a 5-4 record on the current season, and she is ready for more.

Working like a well-oiled machine, UVU held out and completely stopped UM for the rest of the game, with the ending score for this game in UVU’s favor, winning 12-8. Looking at previous seasons, it is clear to see the growth in determination and ability to quickly learn and adapt. Each member of the team is working on playing off each other to push harder than any previous game.

The Wolverines now move forward to a doubleheader against Idaho State in a day-trip to Pocatello, Idaho on Tuesday, March 19.

Photo courtesy of UVU Athletics