Monday Night Football came to an all-time high, breaking all cable records with 18.6 million viewers Sept. 15. It crushed the previous record of 17.5 million viewers. Millions watched and partied during the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets game that ended with the Cowboys on top 41-37.

If you are thinking, “Hey, it would be a great idea to have a Monday Night football party,” well, then you’re on the right track. What you need first is Monday Night Football basic training.

Here are five basic steps for a sweet Monday Night Football party:
First, invite all your friends and their friends to come to your party.
Second, clean your house and make your house comfortable.
Then, talk up your fantasy football players with your guests.
You want to have plenty of snacks rather than a heavy meal because games are late.
Lastly, have a half time activity so your guests don’t leave during half time.

If those don’t work and you are feeling lucky, you can enter to win at each week to be entered in KSL’s Sportbeat Sunday football give-away.

Sadie Whitefield, a UVU student from Kaysville, Utah, won KSL’s Sportbeat Sunday football party give-away on Sept. 15. The party was held at Noah’s, a party and events center in Lindon. Whitefield, who is on the UVU cheer squad, says that she heard about it because Noah’s is sponsoring the UVU cheer squad. “I was surprised that I won,” Whitefield said. “They told me to invite all my friends. This is a cool place.”

With huge couches, big screens, high-definition TVs and a pool table, it is a great place to hold a Monday Night Football party. Whitefield’s friends agree that Noah’s is an “awesome” place to hold a party of any kind.