Seven Utah Valley University students recently returned from a “Pathways to New York” event, where students learned from business professionals at prestigious companies in New York City. The purpose of the trip was to help students network with professionals and get a feel for what NYC has to offer.

During the three-day event, a total of 13 businesses were involved, including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Hunter Public Relations and Edelman. Students visited each company to learn about work hours, different positions, career paths, skills needed for success, obtaining internships, and required levels of education and experience.

“Our students enjoyed being around professionals in NYC who are working in the areas, both professionally and geographically, that they want to work. They also enjoyed learning how to network and were grateful for the opportunities to network,” said Michael Snapp, director of UVU Career Services, who accompanied students on the trip. “It was a busy, tight schedule of leaving one firm, getting on the subway and heading to another … it was fast-paced and realistic. They enjoyed the eye-opening experiences.”

Approximately 40 other students from BYU, BYU-I, U of U and other schools also participated. Students were chosen through a competitive application and interview process. A grant that the UVU group received paid for most of the trip expenses.

Snapp plans to have this opportunity available to UVU students every year and hopes to take five to seven students on the trip next year. “It’s a great opportunity for UVU and its students. Our students realize they are equal to the task of pursuing their dream jobs, and UVU has the opportunity to be recognized as a legitimate contender,” he said.

For questions about “Pathways to New York” event, contact Michael Snapp at (801) 863-8219.