President Matthew Holland will be giving his second State of the University address. Courtesy of Nate Edwards

Each new year is a chance to reflect and look at the changes that have taken place and look to the future.

President Holland will give the annual State of the University address on Wednesday, Feb. 16. It will be held in the Ragan Theater and take place go from noon to 2 p.m.

Holland will address the past year and some issues that will require attentionw in the near future. Some of the topics will include population growth and budget issues.

This speech will be the second given by Holland. Last year, Holland gave his top ten presidential observations, which was a collection ranging from comical thoughts about how many Val’s there are on campus to serious thoughts, including one about the drive in the university.

Last year’s speech included praise to the things and people doing the right thing for the school and suggestions on how the school could improve.