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Citizenship is an interesting concept.

It’s sort of like being a member in a club; members of “Club America” have symbols and oaths and the fun of keeping other people out.

So when Mexican illegals cross the border into the United States our government’s reaction of hostility should come as no surprise. But by labeling a human being as “illegal” what are we really saying? Owning illegal property or engaging in illegal activity is one thing but making a class of human beings illegal is another. The status of being illegal drives a group underground.


These people must now avoid contact with hospitals, police and all other social services connected to the government. These underground people have fled violence and poverty in their home land, and must now contend with big brother if they are to eke out a meager existence.

One of the newest tactics used to uncover “illegals” is a simple list. Released anonymously earlier this year to media and law enforcement, this list of suspected illegal aliens is causing many to no longer report crimes for fear of reprimand.

This is especially bad for victims of domestic violence. Illegal victims of these crimes do not have the luxury of protection from police or courts. They can’t even go to a hospital to get patched up after an assault without fear of deportation.

Cases such as these raise the broader concern about the effectiveness of our government’s policy. While a list such as this will certainly aid in the deportation of illegal aliens it also facilitates violent crimes by driving victims underground.

Perhaps when all is said and done, our draconian hard lined tactics have done more for our egos than our safety. Who can deny that something is wrong when abused women and children can’t seek help because of it?

Our current tactics foster an attitude of mistrust and contempt – maybe we would have more luck with tactics of compassion and understanding.