Marc Veit

A Nation Gone to Pot

Reading Time: 3 minutes Drugs are bad. Anyone who has been to the pit of hell that is drug addiction will tell you that. I myself have seen friends turned into lying fiends by their need of a substance. Drugs are a major problem for this country; so what is to be done? The definition of insanity is performing the same action over and over again and each time expecting a different outcome.

Darkest Evening shines brightly

Reading Time: < 1 minutes If you’ve been to a major book seller in the past month, you’ve probably walked past a tower of neatly arranged books titled The Darkest Evening of the Year. Borders, Barnes and Noble, and to a lesser extent Walden Books all have been pushing this latest title by Dean Koontz pretty hard.

America the beautiful

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Springville Art Museum’s latest exhibit, the American Collection, is as diverse in styles and artists as America is in cultures and regional personalities. At the exhibit’s core are statues of America’s great Emancipator himself, Abraham Lincoln. The pieces range from life-size statues of a young Lincoln to a large bust of him.