As students, many of us log on to UVlink to check our grades and announcements. But many students don’t realize some of the hidden perks of using some of UVlink’s features.

1. Post an announcement- If you are part of a club or organization on campus and want to get the word out about your events, the best way is to put an announcement on UVlink. To do this, click on the first button on the top left of the UVAnnounce Box that looks like a yellow star. A box will pop up where you write your announcement information and the dates to run it. When you submit it, it will go through approval before you see it posted on UVLink for all students to see.

2. Accessing your U:Drive from home- When a student uses a school computer and save files, it must be saved on the U:Drive in order for it to be properly saved and not combined with the general public’s. So if you saved a document on a computer you used in the library, you can actually access it from home through UVLink. When you first log on to UVLink on the lower left side of the screen you’ll see a Network File Access box. This is what you click on to access the files you saved at the school.

3. Take the shortcut to Blackboard- Most students go through UVLink to get to Blackboard where teachers post assignments and grades. If UVLink happens to be down, there is a quick link you can go to get access to Blackboard. This is Go there and click on UVU and enter your log-in information.

4. Opt-in for text messages- UVU has a text messaging system that you can sign up for to be notified of either emergencies, president’s messages, student government messages or all. To get your phone number on the list, click on the personal information tab and the last button on the bottom of the list will access your preferences.

5. Check your test scores- Took a test in the testing center recently, but forgot your score? Click on the Student tab then scroll down until you see the Student Services Box. Click on the Classroom Testing Center (CTC) Student Services and your test scores for the semester will pop up. It can also show all of your testing scores throughout your time as a student at UVU.

6. Look at textbooks without setting foot in the bookstore- Some students choose to order their textbooks online from sources like or go to other used textbook stores. To find out what textbooks you need, go to the Student tab and click on BookMatch located in the Student Services Box. It will take you to the UVU Bookstore where you type in your log-in information. A list of textbooks you need with show. From this list, you are able to know all the information about the textbook in order to look for it somewhere else or you can order the book directly from the UVU bookstore.

7. Explore various major/degree paths- Don’t know exactly what you want to major in yet and don’t really understand what your advisor told you to do? UVLink has a feature under the Student Records tab that’s called Generate Evaluation. When you click on it you can choose what degree you’re interested in seeing in full detail. If you click on a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology, a list will pop up and show what classes you’ve already completed and what classes you still need to fulfill the requirement to graduate with the degree. It’s a handy tool to figure out how much time you have left before graduation.