Kyle Reyes has accepted the position as Director of Student Success and Retention.

Reyes moves into his new position enthusiastically, though with tongue-in-cheek analysis he says, “My job really shouldn’t exist.” His reasoning is that every office around campus does a fine job specializing in its particular facet; each office supporting every aspect along each student’s educational pathway.

Essentially, Reyes will work to become the glue connecting the different areas around campus. “Students have varied goals, and we will do our best to help them reach them, opening up avenues for them to use persistence in achieving them,” he said. “We want to give them access to more opportunities.”

Among other duties, Reyes is set to focus on four things — which he intends on sharing with the deans around campus. He will encourage the informing, listening to, supporting and engaging of students. He says that these four things, with help from each student’s family is what will be offered.

“What we do is nice, but students need to be self-motivated. Traditionally, you hear ‘we are educators, we know what’s best [for students.]’ Too rarely are students actually and productively asked what their needs are, and why their peers leave school.”

Reyes’s office will be located in the recently renovated fourth floor in the Losee Center.

Previously, Kyle established and implemented the campus-wide UVU Latino Initiative including the following programs: Latinos Unidos Mentoring Program, Latino Educators of Tomorrow, Latino Youth Leadership in Action Conference, Celebracion Latinoamericana and Latino Parent Open House. Kyle has a M.Ed. in Education Leadership from BYU and is currently completing a Ph.D. at the University of Utah in Student, Education Leadership & Policy. Reyes also is exceptional in the art of graffiti.