After last year’s success, UVU will be hosting a Graduate School Fair, to be held in the Grande Ballroom in the Student Center.
The fair begins Thursday, Oct. 30 at 10 a.m. and will continue until 3 p.m.

The Graduate School Fair provides an opportunity for students to prepare now for their future educational goals. Many students, after obtaining their bachelor’s degree, plan on attending graduate school. Vigorous requirements for entrance into graduate school demand plenty of preparation on a prospective student’s part, and this is the focus of the Graduate Fair. It is a great way to obtain information, enabling an educated choice for those desiring to extend their education.

Students will be able to speak with representatives, who can answer any questions about graduate or professional school study, as well as answer specific questions concerning their respective schools, their strengths and each student’s options. The reps will also provide expectations as far as applications are concerned. The reps can be an invaluable connection for the student to the more than 70 schools planned to attend the event this year.

The fair only comes once per year, so seniors are especially encouraged to attend the event.

It is recommended that students dress to impress, but Honors Program Coordinator and Advisor Tiffany Nez said, “I would rather they attend in a bathing suit and have a lingering question asked and answered than for the student to miss an opportunity that may help direct a lifetime goal because they were dressed ‘improperly.'”

At each booth, a graduate program representative will talk to the student and will provide the means in which the student can leave the door open for future educational goals.

They will put the student in touch with an advisor that can answer additional questions and help them make contact with those in their field of study.

It is likely that by choosing an extended degree it will produce more opportunity, more excellence, and a greater understanding of a student’s field — which leads to confident and capable individuals.

The list of schools attending can be viewed online at

Utah Graduate School Fair with 70+ schools

When: October 30, 2008 10am-3pm

Where: Grande Ballroom

Who: Those interested in a master’s or professional
degree or the curious

Why: To prepare undergraduates now for what is expected of them when applying for their master’s, PhD or Professional degree