It happens to everyone. Students work hard in class or at work living within the walls of campus. Hardly anyone escapes this horrible reality. That is the reality of losing your personal belongings.

Every time a person for- gets their cell phone, water bottle, keys or even their laptop, where does it go? But honestly, what happens to the things students lose all over campus? Do they enter a limbo of lost items never to be found again or even dis- appear into the deep crevass- es of the world’s proverbial couch?

In the UVU bookstore there is a drawer full of little things that people have left behind, but even those things don’t stay there forever. Eventually they move on.


Even campus connection has a lost and found, but those lost wonders don’t stay there forever either.

There is one ultimate lost and found where all things from all over campus, the bookstore and campus connection end up. That wonderful haven of lost goods is found in a place most people don’t even know about or even know where it is: the UVU Campus Police station.

“About 40-50 items are turned into the lost and found every day,” said Christine Nelson, administrative support for the police station. “The drop box is full every morning of lost and found items turned in.”

Many students and faculty have likely walked right by the police station and not re- alized what wonderful lost goodies are found within its confines.

There is even a web page dedicated to the policies concerning the lost and found property acquired on campus.

“Utilizing the website for lost and found it will help me to get their (students) item back to them sooner,” Nel- son said. “They are free to call or stop by and check for their lost item as well. My hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.”

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