Students can expect to ee signs like these until the completion of the Science Building in Feb. 2012. Shane Maryott / UVU Revie

What is life without a few detours? That is exactly what students will be learning to maneuver through with the closure of the hallway between the LA and the Science buildings on campus.

“I expected the hall to be open now, [it was a] bit of a shock,” Amy Hart said when she realized she wouldn’t be able to get from the LA to the Science building.

The closure will last until February 2012 while the new Science building is being built. This is a sacrifice that students will have to pay now to enjoy the benefits when it is completed.

According to Daniel Fairbanks, associate dean for the College of Science and Health, the hall has been a bottleneck and the idea is to widen it and provide more windows.

The Science building is “badly in need of space, as is the rest of campus” Fairbanks said.

When the new Science building is completed, it will be twice the size of the existing building. The old building was constructed when the university only had around 8,000 registered students. Today, there are about 30,000 registered students. Around 20,000 of them are taking classes in that building.

“I’ll go around,” Megan Whitaker said, and this is exactly what the new suggested route is designed to do. It will take students out through the Student Center on the north end and around to the PE building and through there to the LA building to reach classes.

As students try to ignore the mess and the noise of the construction as they walk to through the detour, the workers are serving as traffic lights when trucks need to cross the pathway. Make sure to pay attention to those signals when crossing to prevent any accidents.