Whether it’s that favorite plushy scarf, oxford wedges or that perfect blazer, selecting a wardrobe is an intimate process. Clothing choices speak volumes about who we are. And in a way project our personalities, sometimes with a megaphone, to the whole world.


Our clothing can say what we sometimes shy away from. Whether we are telling the world, “I fell confident today,” as we strut in wearing six-inch heels and a brightly colored blouse, or whether we quietly enter a room with your kicks, V-neck sweater and a bun plopped casually atop our heads, subtly announcing, “I just want to be comfortable today.”



Sometimes our clothing choices leave us exposed, vulnerable, and all we want is for something to notice and accept our daring selection. Nothing is better than trying something new and having it received.


Whatever your style may be, this fall, fashion is all about taking risks. As designers, for years, have stitched their souls into countless sleeves, with hopes their carefully crafted pieces would be loved by someone other than themselves, fashionistas have taken those sleeves, added accessories and made them their own.


Be willing to try something new, whether it be your first time wearing skinny jeans, or you want to try wearing a comic t-shirt, the key word is try. Try it, and rock it. Be bold in your choices and even bolder in your execution.