The rock orchestra group Trans-Siberian Orchestra will play at the E-Center this Wednesday in West Valley. It will be their fourth year in a row performing in Utah. The concert will help spark excitement for the upcoming holiday season with the group’s popular renditions of traditional Christmas songs.

The New York City based band is known for their unique combination of symphonic metal, progressive rock, heavy metal, and classical music.

In an interview with The Bob Rivers Show, one of the orchestra’s composers said that this tour’s set list will include many songs from their upcoming album NIGHT CASTLE.

In 2006 TSO played two sold-out shows at the E-Center. Last year they moved to the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. This year they will return to the West Valley venue.
There are currently two separate Trans-Siberian Orchestras touring the country to accommodate the large demand for their shows. Past shows have included large productions involving choreographed strobe lights, lasers, and fireworks. They also usually feature a chamber-size string section in addition to the main band.

If you do plan on going, you shouldn’t plan on a quick show. TSO concerts usually last well over 2 hours.

“About an hour and a half into last year’s show the singer stepped out front,” said Austin Mathews, an audience member from last year’s show. “He said that they were ‘just getting started.'”

The concert is on Wednesday Nov. 13 at the E-Center of West Valley City at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster locations and cost $39.50 to $49.50.