The epic love story that has been read by millions in the book Twilight was utterly bland when it came to the big screen.

Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson are two individuals who fall in love despite Edward’s innate vampire desire to kill Bella for her blood. Unfortunately, the love chemistry just wasn’t there in the film.

To start, Stewart has a man voice that would only become manlier during the dramatic scenes when she was temperamental or argumentative.

As for Pattinson, he did look the part of Edward at certain angles. But he mostly didn’t live up to the perfectly gorgeous vampire that was described in the book.

Also, one can’t help but laugh when watching Pattison’s poor acting in the scene where Bella comes and sits by him in science class and he tries to act repulsed by contorting his face, but instead makes himself look even more unattractive. His constant flipping between his British and American accent was distracting as well.

Aside from these two main characters, everyone else in the film was enjoyable to watch, such as Bella’s group of friends at school and the Cullen family members. There was also a variety of humorous moments, much of the humor originating with Charles Swan, Bella’s dad who is played by Billy Burke.

The film has a dramatic feel due to the large use of close-up shots in what seemed like every scene. The music soundtrack also fit well into the feeling of the film, two of the songs actually written by Pattinson.

Basically, this movie could have been much better if the two lead actors had been different. Yet, the movie does have enough good parts that I’d recommend seeing it . . . when it hits the dollar theater.