What is tuition worth?

The changing economic climate may cause questions about how much tuition students will be willing to pay. Gilbert Cisneros/UVU Review

With a dwindling economy money gets tighter and tighter and the question may eventually come up about how much tuition is worth compared to how much it costs.

A full-time UVU student with in-state tuition pays $2,144 per semester to go to school at UVU. That is only 58 percent of the actual cost for the school to operate. The rest of the money comes from donations and state funding.

With Utah looking to lower its budget deficit, higher education has been on the block. While tuition hikes happened only a few years ago it may not be too long before there are more. This will often lead students to wonder how much they are getting for their money.

UVU falls right in the middle of all the higher education schools in Utah, the average being right around $2,000. The most expensive school is the University of Utah at $2,671 and the cheapest being Snow College at $1,373, according to their websites, per semester.

Whether the tuition is fair or outrageous will depend on individual perspective. Some students may not know what the value of tuition is, some may not know where it’s going.

“I think the tuition is fair,” said Raman Lawson, a UVU student, “but I think they should offer more upper division classes, not necessarily more options, just more times to pick from.”

Amity Smyth, a freshman at UVU, said, “depends on where it’s being put, it’s kind of outrageous.”

While some think tuition is too high when juxtaposed with out-of- state tuition, the $2,144 may seem like a bargain.

“Out-of-state tuition is way too high,” said Katie Rowley, a sophomore without in state residency.

Out-of-state tuition is over six thousand dollars, almost triple the rate of in-state tuition. While in state may never reach that high, the question will be asked, “how much is too much?”

“Probably $3,000,” Lawson said. “I would expect at least more parking for $3,000.”

Smyth said around $2,500 would be her limit.

Ultimately tuition will pay for a degree and that is the most important part.

Marissa Farley, a graduate from UVU, said, “I feel I obtained a quality education for what I paid.”

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